Volunteer's Week 2017

  • 23 May 2017

Volunteers' Week

Between June 1st and June 7th each year we join with organisations across the country to celebrate and thank our volunteers who really do 'make the difference' in so many ways.

This year, we have been fortunate enough to gather a few of our volunteers' thoughts on volunteering and why they choose to give their time. We thank people who volunteer with us for a couple of hours on an ad hoc basis, as well as those who commit longer periods on a weekly, or sometimes even more frequent basis.

Andrew and Clark have both given a few hours on a weekend to help out with supermarket bag packs and bucket collections. They've also both been keen to engage their work colleagues, friends, and even the Golf Club to get involved with fundraising for Step by Step.

Denise has been able to work directly with young people, sharing her passions and interests and supporting young people in becoming more active.

Clive has been in a position to volunteer his professional design skills to support Step by Step's Marketing Communications function. As he says in his own words, "I'm able to save them far more than I would probably ever donate in cash." which really only touches on the priceless value of our volunteers.

From the entire team at Step by Step, we thank you all. We thank our volunteer drivers, our bag packers, the volunteers who give time to the front desk, to the back office. We thank our volunteer fundraisers, the volunteer mentors. We celebrate you all and the difference you make to our work supporting young people going through hard times. Because of you, young people can look forward to bright futures !

Thank you.

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