We're looking for a Brunch Club and Handiman volunteer

  • 25 July 2018

Throughout our services, we rely on volunteers to support the work we do with young people.

We now have two specific volunteering roles that we need assistance with:

Brunch Club

Each Wednesday we hold Brunch Club with young people living at our Aldershot Foyer. We raid the store cupboards and the food donations from that week and bake and/or cook something of their choice for everyone to enjoy together, as well as inviting our staff team to enjoy this with them for a small fee to cover the food.

This activity ideally would be led by a volunteer that has experience working with young people - perhaps a teacher or a scout leader or just someone who is used to a house full of hungry teenagers! To provide continuity to young people, we need a volunteer to commit to do this each week on Wednesdays from 10.45am to 12.45pm. Ideally you would have a good level of cooking ability and be willing to undertake Food Hygiene Training which is a 1 day course, which we would cover the cost of.

If interested, please contact emma.joyce@stepbystep.org.uk

General Handiman

Our Aldershot Foyer and specifically the accommodation that young people live in, undertakes a high degree of wear and tear. We need someone who is competent at DIY in their own home to help us regularly to maintain high decoration standards for young people. This could include, but is not limited to, painting, basic plumbing, changing lightbulbs and general upkeep. The time commitment would be a few hours to half a day, every 2 weeks but we could accommodate this anytime on a weekday, evenings or weekends to suit you.

If interested, please contact christine.collard@stepbystep.org.uk

If you are interested in either opportunity, please contact the respective person above - thank you in advance. All volunteers help us to provide a better quality experience and support to the young people that rely on us.