Why I Became A Host

  • 23 May 2017

One of our most recent Supported Lodgings Hosts gave us a little insight into what motivated her and her family to offer up their home to support a young person in this way.

She says, "Whilst I was working at Charles Kingsley's School in Eversley a group from Step by Step came in to talk during an assembly about how the charity had changed their lives. I was impressed by all the ambassadors but one young man in particular spoke of how the Supported Lodgings scheme had given him the chance to learn how to be an adult from supportive hosts, and the confidence to believe in himself after a very difficult childhood and adolescence. I was struck by how much of a difference this had made as was my daughter Molly who, along with her classmates, decided to fundraise for Step by Step.

Recently, when we heard of a young person in need, we remembered the charity and thought it would be the best way to support both her and us. Supported Lodgings means we can enable her to make the transition from teenager to adult with the relevant advice, care and professional support for us all."

Step by Step are recruiting new Hosts throughout Hampshire, West Berkshire, and Dorset.

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