World Kindness Day 2020: Step by Step Heroes

  • 13 November 2020

For World Kindness Day 2020, we're celebrating some of our unsung heroes – members of our team who consistently go above and beyond to support young people. Here are just a few of our Step by Step heroes:

Natasha Nazir – STEP WorkerNatasha Step Worker at Step by Step

Thanks to her kind nature and professional determination, Natasha has fantastic outcomes with the young people she supports. Recent successes include moving young people into full-time employment, independent renting and university. She is also so keen to learn new skills that further her ability to help others.

Christine Whitewood – Supported Lodgings Host

Christine continues to amaze with her endurance, tolerance and support. She has three young people living with her with an array of challenging issues. She uses her local contacts to help them find work and arrange nursery places, and will feed them if they run out of money.

Chris Furness – STEP Worker

Chris has gone above and beyond to support a young person with complex needs, fighting for them to get the financial support they need. It was his advocacy, passion and determination that resulted in Adult Services agreeing to fund their place in Supported Lodgings – a first for Step by Step and possible only due to Chris’ hard work.

Stacey Bryon – Supported Lodgings Host

Stacey has shown kindness and thoughtfulness to the young person who lives with her. She even got new furniture and a TV for their room to make them feel at home and give them a nice space of their own. She also affords the young person lots of trust and freedom, and they have a very positive relationship as a result.

Janeth Neale and Isabel Isern – Supported Lodgings Hosts

These incredible hosts support six young people between them. They are good friends and together took the young people on the first holiday they had ever had. Janeth and Isabel have both provided emergency beds for those most in need and before lockdown would get together to cook a group meal to make the young people feel like part of a wider family.