Young Artists Inspire Brighter Futures

  • 1 February 2024

We were delighted to host a fantastic art exhibition on the 23rd of January at our Aldershot Foyer, which featured the incredible work of talented local art students. We were inspired to host this event after becoming registered with Ofsted, who recommended that we could add a few small touches to create a more homely atmosphere for the young people living in our Foyer. We decided that incorporating artwork into these spaces would do just that and could also act as inspiration for the young people living in them.

We reached out to the art department at Farnborough College of Technology who loved the idea and were keen to get involved. Their first-year students showcased their creativity and worked hard to produce fantastic artwork using a variety of media from painting to photography to crochet.

The students hard work culminated in an art exhibition held at our Aldershot Foyer. We were honoured to welcome 20 students to the exhibition, each proud to see their creations on display. They were accompanied by their equally proud parents, lending the evening an excellent, celebratory atmosphere.

Mae Partridge, Head of Foyers and Wellbeing at Step by Step, expressed: “We are thrilled to have collaborated with Farnborough College of Technology on this project. Having stand out pieces of artwork on our walls will help to make our spaces feel more homely, inspiring, and unique. I’m so impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of the art created by the students and look forward to working with the college in the future on more commissioned pieces for our spaces.”

Art has the potential to inspire creativity, evoke positive emotions, and create a sense of comfort and belonging. Providing a more personalised and welcoming space positively impacts mental wellbeing. Our new artwork not only brightens up the walls of our Aldershot Foyer but the lives of the young people we work with at Step by Step too.