Young People Show Resilience in Lockdown

  • 28 April 2020

The current climate is hard for all of us, with the menace of COVID-19 looming over everything we do and most of us confined to our homes. But for young people who don’t have a home, the coronavirus crisis is even tougher. That is why we have been so impressed with the way the young people who live with us have coped.

Lockdown is frustrating, boring and limiting for young people, but they have been finding ways to keep themselves entertained, stay positive and help one another through. This includes cooking and eating together, cutting each other’s hair and playing football in the garden. Staff have been running art sessions, allowing the young people to express themselves, while others have been doing boxercise to release pent up energy and frustration.

There have, of course, been challenges. Many young people have lost their jobs or can no longer attend college. Others have been cut off from any support network they might have outside of Step by Step. Some have had to be rehoused, if they were living with hosts who were deemed at risk from coronavirus, for example.

But despite all these hurdles, the young people have shown strength, resilience and positivity.

Debbie Moreton, Head of Young People’s Services, commented: “Young people are coping well and supporting each other where they can. They are passing the time productively and completing online courses of interest to them. Many are attending our mental health counselling sessions via web link to help them cope with these worrying times.”

We would like to thank all the young people in our care for making Step by Step a fun and vibrant place to be, despite the current challenges. No matter how long the lockdown goes on, we will be there to give them a safe place to live and the support they need.

Homeless young people in coronavirus lockdown