Young People Speaking Out

  • 17 December 2018

Four young people attended an event called Fixers in November at Winchester Discovery Centre.

The event gathered young people from various areas and walks of life to discuss social mobility and the factors they felt were holding them back from achieving their goals.

The morning was made up of small group discussions and the afternoon consisted of a 'question time' style debate where a panel made up of young people were able to answer questions from the audience and to voice their thoughts to various professionals and stakeholders.

The whole day was well attended and very inspiring. The young people we work with really stepped out of their comfort zones to raise opinions in front of others they have never met before. One individual felt confident enough to put across his opinion to an auditorium packed full of people during the afternoon.

Topics covered included employment and education opportunities, accessibility of services, body image and mental health. The young people who attended felt inspired and motivated because they had been listened to and been given the opportunity to engage meaningfully with their peers.