Zurich Throw Christmas Party for Young People

  • 18 December 2019

A team from the Zurich Community Trust visited our Aldershot Foyer to give a group of young people a fantastic Christmas party.

The festive period can be a tough time for the young people we support, with constant reminders of families they can’t be a part of and things they are missing out on. Therefore any opportunity to bring them a bit of Christmas cheer is very much welcome.

The trio from Zurich really excelled themselves. Not only did they help decorate the accommodation area, they brought with them plenty of food, drinks and Christmas crackers. The young people enjoyed festive music and a great atmosphere. After the food, the Zurich team brought in gift bags of treats for each of the young people. Everyone enjoyed the party and it was lovely to see smiles all round.

Thank you to the Zurich Community Trust for funding the party and to the members of their team who gave up their free time to help bring a touch of Christmas magic to young people going through hard times.

If you would like to support young people who would be homeless this Christmas if not for Step by Step, please donate to our Open Doors appeal.

Christmas party at charity Step by Step Aldershot organised by Zurich Community Trust