Ben arrived at Step by Step after being asked to leave the family home. His relationship with his father had deteriorated to a point where they couldn’t live in the same house and Ben was asked to leave. Ben didn’t have any other family he could turn to or friends who were able to help in the long term. After hearing about us through a friend, Ben spent his first Christmas with us last year.

‘It was the best Christmas I’ve ever had. We’re like a family here.’

Since arriving Ben has worked hard to find his talents and participated in all the training and advice sessions offered to him through Step by Step.

In September Ben took part in a two week dance workshop ending with a performance on stage in the Farnham Maltings in Surrey. Ben helped out as a trainee teacher during the two weeks. It helped him to confirm the path he wants to take in life. He has a passion and talent for working with young people to help them realise their aspirations and find the confidence to take the right steps towards their dreams.

Ben is currently training to be become a qualified dance teacher.