What are Supported Lodgings?

Supported Lodgings provide a young person with the opportunity to live in a supportive environment with a host family, couple or individual. Secure lodgings give personal development and learning / employment opportunities in a family based environment.

During their Supported Lodgings placement a young person is expected to work with their host and support worker as opposed to seeing their lodgings as a bed for the night.

Supported Lodgings are for young people aged between 16 and 21. Young people who are suitable for a Supported Lodgings placement tend to have no secure place to stay, or are living with an immediate threat of eviction. To be eligible for a placement, a young person will be expressing a willingness to gain independent living skills whilst being supported and a desire to improve their situation.

We have hosts offering spare rooms in their homes to be used for 141 Supported Lodgings placements in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset, and West Sussex.

Our Work So Far


young people stay in Step by Step accommodation services at any one time.


of young people made positive progress through Supported Lodgings last year.


of young people in Supported Lodgings were able to return home last year.

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