Supported Lodgings

If you have no place to stay, and are looking for a safe, caring home where you can gain independent living skills while being supported, then Supported Lodgings is for you.

What's it Like?

  • You will be matched to a Host - this could be a single person, couple, or a host family.
  • You will be a lodger in their home.
  • You will have your own room.You will gain independent living skills like cooking and budgeting.
  • During your stay, you are expected to engage with your Support Worker and your Host.

"I was in Supported Lodgings after falling out with my Dad.I was feeling very low and depressed. Whilst I was in Supported Lodgings, I was able to meet my Dad with a Support Worker and have Family Mediation Sessions. I also learned a lot of independent living skills like cooking and budgeting. My Dad could see improvements and, through mediation, I was able to return home where I now live happily with my Dad and brother. I have now got a part-time job and feel much better about myself and my life."


Who are the Supported Lodgings Hosts?

Your Host has been extensively trained by Step by Step to know about the issues that face young people today and to know how to handle situations that may arise. Your host is there to offer you a home, with support, in a friendly and safe environment.

How does a Supported Lodgings Host Support me?

Your Host, alongside the Supported Lodgings staff team, supports you to develop your confidence and the skills needed to live independently. The level of support will be agreed before you move in. Your host will talk to you about house rules and expectations, and both you and your Host will sign a Placement Agreement which outlines what you can expect from each other and what the boundaries are.

Need further information?

Our supported lodgings service operates across Hart, Rushmoor, East Hampshire, West Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and Dorset. Our specialist staff ensure young people are well matched to a 'Host' and that ongoing support is provided.

If you are a young person facing homelessness or difficulties, contact us:

Surrey, Petersfield, West Berkshire, and Dorset Supported Lodgings:  

36 Crimea Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 1UD
01252 346121 

East Hampshire Supported Lodgings:

10 The High street, Fareham,Hampshire, PO16 7AN
01329 283786

For information about becoming a Host for us, please click here

Supported Lodgings Leaflet 2017

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