Supported Lodgings

Supported Lodgings give you the chance to live as a lodger in the home of a supportive host. Your host might be a family, a couple, or a single person.

When you move into a Supported Lodgings placement you will be given your own room with access to kitchen, bathroom, and living space, and a key or access to a key box. You will have a host that wants to support you whose house will become your home, and a support worker who is there to support you and your host.

During your stay in Supported Lodgings we will be working together towards the goal of you achieving your potential. You will be expected to work with your host and support worker as opposed to seeing your lodgings as a bed for the night.

If you are aged between 16 and 21 years old, you have no secure place to stay, and are looking for a safe and caring home where you can gain independent living skills whilst being supported, then Supported Lodgings is for you.

If you would like more information and to be considered for this type of accommodation please speak to your Social Worker or Local Housing Authority (Children's Services and Family Support Services).

At the end of a Supported Lodgings placement, you are most likely to be moving on independently, often into a room in a shared house. Many young people (about 1/3) find that they are able to return home after a stay in Supported Lodgings.

We have hosts offering their homes as Supported Lodgings placements in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset, West Sussex and Wiltshire.

Our Work Last Year


young people accessed a Step by Step service.


young people were accommodated in Supported Lodgings.


of these young people positively progressed or stabilised their circumstances.

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