Corporate Partnerships: Helping to Empower Young People & Prevent Youth Homelessness

We work alongside a wide range of companies to develop outstanding mutually-beneficial partnerships. Our dedicated corporate partnerships manager will work with you to create a bespoke package to suit your CSR and engagement goals. We help motivate your team, close a sale, and develop the value of your brand.

Young people are our future workforce and with your help, we can enable more young people to become thriving members of the community. Unemployment rates are three times higher for 16-25 year olds compared with the rest of the population. With our range of education and employment services, 78% of the young people we support become work ready.

We make it simple and easy to for you to make social impact. For every £1 invested in to our work, we generate £5.60 in social value for the community. Your donations will be working hard to support local young people who are going through hard times.

You will be given impact reports to show you where your donations are and case studies which can be shared with your colleagues.

Our transformative work wouldn’t be possible without the extraordinary generosity of our work-based partners. Corporate partnerships are a fantastic opportunity to make real impact on local young people facing homelessness.

Partnering with Step by Step supports local young people going through hard times. There are great benefits for you in the workplace. Working with Step By Step can help engage your team, attract more customers to the business, and develop the value of your brand.

Our strategic partnerships go beyond simply providing team building activities for you and your team. We work to build partnerships which make a lasting difference. As a Step By Step corporate partner, you can help deliver change by bringing services to local communities, whether that is by funding a key post or implementing a new initiative that gives a brighter future for young people going through hard times.

Our dedicated corporate partnerships manager will work with you to create a bespoke package to suit your needs as well as helping you make a lasting impact to your local community. We provide impact reports which illustrate your support and, where appropriate, we will include photos and case studies which can be shared with your colleagues.

FatFace Foundation

Our partnership with FatFace started in 2017 when we received a wonderful Christmas gift of brand new pressed and packaged clothing and funds to support our work. Since then they have made a second generous financial donation and have offered work training and job opportunities for the young people.

Ian, FatFace; “The FatFace Foundation are very proud to support Step by Step which makes such a big difference to young people when they really need it. Our mission is to “change people’s lives wherever FatFace goes”. We are focusing on the overall wellbeing of people, starting with the base level support of food, shelter, clothing and then on to create opportunities for people to reach their full potential. We plan to support Step by Step with clothing and job opportunities for the young people and some financial support for the organisation.”

Zurich Community Trust

Step by Step have been selected as one of Zurich Community Trust's charity partners for the next few years. As well as financial support, the relationship has grown to involve the young people accessing work place visits at their offices. These visits help young people to learn about the different opportunities available and contribute to raising their aspirations. We have also benefited from their Summer and Winter challenges, where the staff teams fundraise to re-vamp our accomodation sites.

Kerry Chambers, Zurich Cares Programme Manager; "Zurich Community Trust have been supporting Step by Step since 2014 providing both funding and volunteers. The relationship has continued to grow with the Zurich Farnborough and Zurich Whiteley offices completing gardening and decorating projects annually as well as both offices now choosing Step by Step to be one of their charity partners for the next few years."

Croudace Homes

Croudace Homes run a pre-Christmas ‘end of year’ initiative, where for every private house sale completed in the month of December, they donate a generous £150 to Step By Step.

Since 2013, Croudace Homes has donated over £34,000 to support our work. Their contribution has made a tangible impact, creating opportunities and brighter futures for young people who had been facing homelessness.

At Step By Step, securing safe and suitable accommodation is the very first step of support for a young person towards transforming their life. It’s a solid platform from which to access our personal development opportunities and specialist support to lead to independent living.

No Fear Bridge

Since 2015, No Fear Bridge has chosen Step by Step as their adopted charity and donated over £31,000. This year they have focused their contribution towards our training and development work.

Steve Harding, Director at No Fear Bridge, speaks about why they are so passionate about supporting our mission and explains that there is a lot of synergy between the ethos of No Fear Bridge and Step By Step, "No Fear Bridge recognises that young people between the ages of 16 and 25 are at a critical stage in their lives. They are forming their sense of who they are and what they are about and if the right support and tools are offered it can unlock their potential for the rest of their lives. We believe that training and development are part of every stage of life and are passionate about supporting others who are finding innovative and ways of facilitating learning and development that can suit each young person with their own particular hopes, dreams, learning styles and challenges.

It is an honour to support a charity providing appropriate housing, emotional and educational resources that will give these young people the opportunity to tackle their challenges with dignity and to flourish in the next stage of their lives."

Penningtons Manches Charitable Foundation

In 2017, Penningtons adopted Step By Step as a charity partner. As well as making a financial contribution to our work, they have also offered work place visits for the young people.

Sheona Boldero, Chair of Penningtons Manches' Charitable Foundation committee in Basingstoke said, “Step by Step is wonderful organisation that we are proud to work with.”


ADP have supported Step by Step for the past 3 year through their on-going staff activities, including hosting their own company Sleep Out event which raised over £4,000.

Ali Robertson-Fox, Chair and Funding Manager – ADP UK Community Matters, said, "We loved the idea of Sleep Out and decided, after being a part of Step by Step's (my colleague, and I have manned the registration desk for the last 2 years), that we wanted to run one ourselves. 'Sleep Out so others don’t have to' really encapsulated what the event was all about."

Money Matters

We need to raise £450,000 during 2018- 19 to provide all of our services that make a real and lasting impact; empowering young people and reducing and preventing homelessness.

In 2016-2017 we supported a total of 1,845 people and reached a further 3,500 through our Peer Education and Community Presentations. We are aiming to increase this number to 1,930 people supported and increase our extended reach to 5,000 people.

We are innovative and passionate about what we do. The need for our services is not decreasing, in response, we aim to increase the number of young people we support. Our ambitious growth strategy has enabled us to support many more people; since 2011 the number of young people we are working with has risen by 450%. We’re now empowering young people to transform their lives throughout Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Dorset.

Our corporate partnerships give Step By Step the stability to grow and sustain the quality of the services we provide. We hope that you will share our desire to support the next generation of workforce to thrive by investing in them today.

Our Work So Far


invested in our work is transformed to £5.60 in social value to young people and the community.


of the young people we support become work ready.


young people accessed accommodation, specialist support, and personal development services last year.

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