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Young People

If you are under 18 years old you need to contact your local Children’s services
Hampshire Children’s services call 0300 555 1384
Surrey Children’s services call 0300 470 9100
South Dorset Children’s services call 01305 760139
West Dorset Children’s services call 01305 221450

If you are 18+ you need to go to present at your local council. You’ll need to work out your local connection.

Local Connection is:

  • where you have lived for the last 12 months,
  • where your parents / siblings or your children live,
  • or where you work.

This is dependent on your age (we accommodate 16-21yr olds). You would be referred by a social worker (if under 18), or Local Authority.

If you are aged 18-21 and your local connection is Rushmoor or Hart, you can be referred by Youth AIMS. Call 01252 346105 to make an appointment.

If you can get to the Aldershot Foyer, you can access our Family Mediation service (Mon–Fri 9am–5pm). Please call 01252 346105 or make a referral.


Young people are referred through either Children’s Services (under 18) or their Local Authority (18+)

This is dependent on circumstances. Young people will generally be assessed and, where appropriate, accommodated within two weeks. In emergency situations, it’s possible for a young person to be accommodated on the same day as presenting to their social worker or Local Authority.

The length of stay in accommodation services varies according to which type of accommodation a young person is placed in and what their personal situation is. Young people will stay in their placements for between 6 and 18 months.

Young people are supported with moving on from Step by Step services. If they need further support, they will be referred to the most appropriate service to offer that support, if not, they will be moving on with the learning, experience, skills, and tools required to be more in control of their lives and to live more independently.


Young people are referred into our well-being services by healthcare or education professionals. Our Invest service is brought into educational environments by leadership teams who have a desire to focus on the well-being on the young people in their school / college.

As with our accommodation services, young people are directed to their GP / school where a referral can be made.

If a young person needs further support with their well-being after working with Step by Step, they will be referred to one of our partner agencies.

Our specialist support includes advisory services, mediation support, and mental health and well-being services.

Personal Development

Generally young people will be referred into Step by Step’s personal development services, either through Youth AIMS, or agencies linked with our work. Where a young person can access the service directly, there will be posters targeting those young people and there is an enquiry form on the website.


Our Training and Development Manager, or one of the Training and Development Workers, will follow up the referral or enquiry to ensure that every young person is able to access the level of support that they need.

Usually, a young person will leave our personal development services because they have progressed into education or into work. If they require additional support after their time with Step by Step, young people will be referred to partner agencies.


The way we work with young people empowers them to have more control in their lives. There are stories from young people throughout the website.

We monitor the impact of our work and report it in our annual Impact Report which you can download here.

We undertook an assessment of the value of our impact in 2016. The outcome of this was that we discovered that every £1 invested in our work generates £5.60 in social benefit to the community. You can download the report here.

Money Matters

About 78% of our income last year came through Local Authority and Government contracts. Income received in this way is continuing to decrease and our response to this is not to make cuts to our services as this would impact young people detrimentally.

Our response is to aim to increase income received through voluntary sources so that we can maintain our level of service, and to expand our reach to more young people. You can find out more about getting involved with our work here, and you can contribute to our work here.

Our voluntary income is raised through grant givers and trusts, corporate partners, community groups, schools / colleges, individuals, and through our rolling events programme.

You can find out more about getting involved with our work here, and you can contribute to our work here.


Generally not. We can sometimes accept brand new items. Please call our fundraising team to confirm: 01252 346107.

Unfortunately not. Storage is at a premium and we purchase new bedding as the need arises. To contribute to this you can donate here.

We're pleased that you're keen to get involved through volunteering. Please visit our volunteer page to find out more.